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Welcome on the Base IMPACTS ® website of ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

The Base IMPACTS ® is the official database of the French program for environmental labeling of consumer goods. It has been built in parallel to the Product Category Rules (PCRs).

To know more about the format of the database, the caracterisation methods or the data sources, please refer to the documentation on this website.

Access to data in Base IMPACTS ® requires acceptance of its Terms of Use.

Usage tips

Do not hesitate to consult the sectoral documentation available on the Base IMPACTS website.
This allows you to quickly obtain a synthetic vision of :

  • (i) all available datasets by sector,
  • (ii) the main methodological choices taken into account when developing the datasets.

It also allows you to better understand the different types of datasets available in the database (LCI, partially aggregated LCI...) and to use/combine them correctly.

processes in the database




An ADEME information sheet on the implementation of environmental labelling of products and services is now available on :

Several proposals of reference document drafted in the context of the second study "Environmental assessment of consumer products and goods" are now available in the documentation section. 

The full study is available via the following link :


A new version of the database (v 2.01) is online. The results consistency problems of version 2.0. are solved in this new version.



Following the promulgation of article 15 of law n°2010-105 relating to the fight against wastage and the Circular Economy, a voluntary environmental or environmental and social labelling has been set up. An 18-month experiment was launched - from February 2020 to the end of August 2021 in order to test the feasibility and to evaluate the socio-economic impact of the labelling.
You will find more information on this subject in:

General documentation

Following the release of version 1.08 of the Base IMPACTS, the documentation has been updated in 2018.

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